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DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Visual Presence HDMI Video Processor & 4 Extra Batteries

Improves contrast, color depth, sharpens images, and filters out noise Instant image processing, and will work for all video (dramatically improving qualities of depth, clarity and realism), even for HD 1080p/60. Customizable effect level (0-120%) Easily connects to any HDMI or digital video device to enhance HD 1080P video Enhances LCD, LED, Plasma, and front or rear Projector screens DARBEE Vision HDMI Video Processor is the next step in the evolution of digital imaging. Until now it was impossible for images and video to appear with the level of depth, clarity and realism that this product provides. With adjustable modes and settings, DARBEE Visual Presence is perfect for casual viewers and videophiles alike. You can expect improved perceived depth and realism of images using the D Vision HDMI video processor. As before, the processing is super-fast, which eliminates the lip-sync issues that are inherent with many video processors. Intra-frame processing means that there is no time delay, and is great for videos and movies, but unlike slower processors, it's also fast enough to enhance video in applications where lag simply isn't acceptable, such as video gaming. Anyone who owns a TV or Projector can benefit from our technology being implemented into their setup Anyone looking to upgrade the clarity, depth, and realism of their display People who care about picture quality in their Movies, Video Games, TV shows, or any other Digital Video Applications – HDMI Enabled Products Blu-ray Video Games Digital TV Cable/Satellite IPTV Video Projector

Price: $249.99 $105.99

Last updated on 2018-04-16 09:04:00 so pricing information may be slightly different from the actual retailer price

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